Aishwariya Acharya

Aishwariya Acharya:

Name: Aishwariya Acharya

From: Andheri west, Mumbai

Standard: 7th

Favourite subject: English and hindi

Hobbies: Dancing and outdoor sports

Ladder Academy Track: English and typing

Career aspiration: Teacher or Actress

Personal story:

Hi! My name is Aishwariya Acharya. In my family in total there are 10 members: 7 sisters including me and one brother, mother and my father. My eldest sister is a heart patient. She has two holes in her heart and her operation is yet to be done due to financial issues and low immunity. We live in a house which is owned by others, and we have owed debt to them for a long time. I wish to become an actress because I really love dancing, enacting and music. I also love to study with my sisters, especially with the youngest ones as I teach them sometimes. I would like to be a teacher if not an actress.