We selected 100 students from a pool of few thousand applicants. We then took 10 students who did not join the program and 10 students who participate Ladder Academy and assessed the aggregated academic averages from 2020 to 2021. 




“Ladder Academy has provided technology and resources that motivate me to achieve mastery in all of my passions. Through informative videos and questions, I have learned computer science and entrepreneurship, which I could never afford classes for in my life. I thank Ladder Academy for the constant help it brings me, and I hope I can achieve my dream of starting a business so I can give my family a better life “. – Hardik Sharma

“I have improved my coding and graphic designing skills using the laptop Ladder Academy provided me and even scored a 94% on my computer science exam. Being online has also enabled me to build a resumé and apply for jobs in India and around the world. Overall, the resources given by Ladder Academy have brought my overall average from a 83% to a 92%, giving me more opportunity to earn a high paying job”. – Shyam Thakur


“The online resources provided by Ladder Academy allowed me to accelerate two years ahead in mathematics and improve my grades in my Information Technology class. Besides education, I am also grateful towards Ladder Academy for donating money for food during the COVID-19 lockdown. My parents lost their jobs and could not support the family, but Ladder ensured we would be safe”. – Varsha Bagade

“Before Ladder Academy, I had to share one phone with all of my family members, which did not allow me to attend school everyday since my siblings needed to use the phone. Joining Ladder Academy allowed me to reach my full potential as a student and earn high grades in my second year of college. I also became familiar with online classes that helped me understand school material better without paying for tuitions”. – Arif Zamadar


“Having a laptop not only helped me with my own studies, but also gave me a better opportunity to talk to other students and learn from them over zoom calls and google meet. Learning from other students motivated me to become a better person and work harder to achieve my dreams. As a result, my overall average increased by almost 10 points, and I plan to keep pushing myself more to become my best self”. – Jyoti Mahto

“Ladder Academy has helped me and my younger brother in many ways. My brother’s average in classes like Mathematics and English went from a 70% to a 95%. The program helped us learn typing, laptop usage,  Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, etc. Ladder helped me and my family in many ways by supporting us financially and educationally. I am very happy to be a part of this community”. – Siddhi Baniya

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“My family’s poor financial situation and not attending school everyday because I shared one phone with my siblings made me think I was going to fail classes and not succeed in life. However, with Ladder Academy’s help and motivation, I was able to explore my passions in life and go from failing grades to some of the best in my class. I want to continue applying the principles of hard work and dedication Ladder Academy taught me to my future”. – Bharti Gupta

“Engineering has been a passion of mine for a long time. However, I had no means of learning engineering material or affording engineering school in university. Ladder Academy not only provided me with curriculums to study basic engineering coding languages online, but also made me understand the importance of education in my life. I am blessed to be a part of Ladder Academy’s community and cannot wait to keep unlocking my full potential and live a happy, hardworking life”. – Aryan Shukla.


“Having a laptop has allowed me to educate myself in programs which I never had access to before. From building powerpoints to creating excel spreadsheets, I am able to express my ideas and show the world what I can create. I also learned how to type faster and learn more efficiently with Youtube. My grades in school have increased by 10% because of Ladder Academy’s generosity, and my goal is to go even more above and beyond.” – Janhavi Barai.