Mayur Naikwade

Name: Mayur Naikwade

From: Andheri, Mumbai

Standard: 12th

Favourite Subject: Maths

Hobbies: Cricket and reading motivational books

Ladder Academy Track: Coding

Career Aspiration: Software engineer

Personal story:


My name is Mayur Naikwade. I am studying in 12th class in bhavan’s college. The major problem my family faced was poverty. We stay in a rental house and my father is a driver. Who earns around 10,000 in a month only. Our income is not sufficient for my studies. I want to be an engineer and my entrance exam is within a month. If I pass the test and get into an engineering college then I think my father will face lots of problems in paying my college fees. I wish to be a software engineer and for that I am studying hard. I believe in myself that I will be successful.

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