Mohit Gupta:

Name: Mohit Gupta 

From: Andheri, Mumbai

Standard: First year Diploma in Computer Engineering 

Favourite subject:  Science 

Hobbies: Cycling 

Ladder Academy Track: Coding

Career aspiration: Engineer

Personal story:

Hello, I am Mohit Gupta. I am in my first year of diploma in Computer Engineering. My father and mother work hard-working jobs as a scrap mechanic and a maid. My parents are barely able to pay for my college fees as well as the expenditures of our house. Even worse, the pandemic managed to make them lose their jobs, which made getting money and providing for my siblings and I even harder. I turn to education to make my living situation better, and I thank Ladder Academy for believing in me and giving me education resources to become a better student and rescue my family from debt and financial struggle. I also thank ladder academy for introducing me to Computer Science resources that make me stand out from other students.