Our Motivation


Ladder Academy’s inspiration is my grandfather’s story of persistence and the power of education. My grandfather grew up in Aithor, a farming village near the city of Mehsana, India. He spent his days performing household chores, caring for buffaloes, and working on a neighboring peanut farm in exchange for a portion of the crops he picked. While enduring countless days in the fields, my grandfather still managed to excel all throughout elementary, middle, and high school since his family believed in the value of education to escape a life of labor on the farm.  He also was the first person in his family to attend college and ended up also securing a work visa to bring his career and family to America. As I grew up I learned that our family’s motto is based on an ancient Sanskrit proverb that translates to “Nothing purifies like knowledge.” The goal of Ladder Academy is to help others realize their potential and benefit from the full power of education to transform lives. Just like my grandfather’s.