Pankaj Kumar

Pankaj Kumar

Name: Pankaj Kumar

From: Rajasthan

Standard: Bachelors of science

Favorite subject: Science

Hobbies: Studying and blogging 

Ladder Academy Track: English and typing

Career aspiration: Government job

Personal story:

Hello. My name is Pankaj Kumar, and I am from a village in Rajasthan. I have studied in a Hindi medium school. My father is a cook and my mother is a housewife. There are a total of 5 members in my family including me. I could not study in an English medium school because of my family’s low income. My aim in life is to end poverty from my family and give them and myself a better life. I like to write blogs often and they are mostly motivational. My goal is to clear the government exams and acquire a high post. Thank you.