Prachi Prasad

Name: Prachi Prasad

From: Andheri, Mumbai

Standard: 11th

Hobbies: Reading books and learning new languages

Favourite subject: English

Ladder Academy Track: Coding

Career aspiration: Doctor

Personal story:

I am Prachi Prasad. I am currently studying in the 11th standard. My father is an autorickshaw driver and he is the only one who earns money in the family. We live in a slum, and have 7 members in the family: me, my 4 sisters, and my parents. We have always faced financial  struggle whenever it comes to educating all the five sisters. I belong to a society where girls get less exposure to education. Hence, I want to educate myself and my sisters so we can change the future for other girls. My dream is to become a doctor and help people who cannot afford medicines.