Rishabh Baniya

Rishabh Baniya

Name: Rishabh Baniya

From: Bandra, Mumbai

Standard: 6th

Favourite subject: English and Mathematics

Hobbies: Playing guitar and learning maths

Ladder Academy Track: Maths

Career aspiration: Music director.

Personal story:

My name is Rishabh Baniya, and I am in the 6th Standard. My father is a driver, but due to COVID-19, he had to stay at home unemployed. He had applied for various jobs but got rejected. My mother is a housewife. We live in a rented house and can barely afford the payments needed to keep our house. I want to be a music director as my dad used to work in the music industry. I had attended a music concert and there I was inspired to become a music director. I want to use music to help children and make them express themselves more.  


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