Saniya Shaikh

Saniya Shaikh

Name: Saniya Shaikh

From: Jogeshwari, Mumbai

Standard: 12th

Favorite subject: Psychology

Hobbies: Dancing, learning new things, coding, and traveling

Ladder academy: Coding

Career aspiration: Teacher

Personal story:

Hello, My name is Sania Shaikh. I am in the 12th standard. My family and I are facing many problems such as my parents being laid off. My father is a driver and my mother is a house worker. I had to attend online classes and for that, I needed to have a phone. My family is suffering from lots of difficulties and I know how much struggle we are going through. They are arranging money for my studies so that I should be ready to complete my board exams. My goal is to become a teacher. And so the biggest help came from Ladder Academy, which provided laptops to children who had difficulties in the pandemic. Thank you so much!