Siddhi Baniya:

Name: Siddhi Baniya

From: Bandra 

Standard: 10th

Favourite subject Maths and history: 

Hobbies: Reading, sketching and calligraphy

Ladder Academy Track: coding

Career aspiration: Lawyer or IAS officer 

Personal story:


Hello, my name is Siddhi Baniya. I am a student in 9th standard. There are many problems in my life like economic issues and staying in a rental house whose rent is much more compared to my father’s monthly income. My father is also fighting through many diseases and still has to work. I want to do something for my dad, and I don’t want his efforts and patience to go to waste. I want to make my family proud and feel special! Although I face so many struggles, I will not stop and instead move forward with all my strengths and learning capabilities. I have not and surely will not give up in life and continue studying hard, gain success, and achieve everything I want to do! Thank you.