Sidrah Shaikh

Sidrah Shaikh

Name: Sidrah Shaikh

From: Andheri 

Standard: 10th  

Favorite Subject: Science and Geometry 

Hobbies: Cooking and Listening to music

Ladder Academy Track: English, Typing

Career Aspiration: Gynecologist

Personal story:

Hello! My name is Sidrah Shaikh, and I am studying in 9th standard. The major problems in my life are the financial problems that my family is suffering from. We live in a rental house, and my father has been paralyzed since my birth. My mom is also a heart patient. I want to do something for my family and make them proud of me. Even though my family and I have faced many struggles in our life, my mother is like our backbone for us. She always taught us to never give up. And I will try my best to get out of my family’s poor financial situation. I want to become a successful Gynecologist, and for that I have to study hard and gain success. I want to thank Ladder Academy for giving me an opportunity to succeed. I will try my best to learn coding, and even though this is very new for me, I will try my best. It will take some more time to understand but I am very strong and I know to never give up.