Varsha Bagade

Varsha Bagade:

Name: Varsha Bagade

From: Kandivali, Mumbai

Standard: 12th Commerce

Favorite subject: Mathematics 

Hobbies: Reading, learning new things

Ladder academy track: Programming and Math

Career Aspiration: Professor 

Personal story:

My name is Varsha Bagade, and I am in 11th standard studying in the field of Commerce. In my life, there are many financial problems that my family is facing. My father is a painter who has a lot of debt from loans he cannot repay, and lockdown has made our living situation far worse. I want to bring my family out of poverty, repay the loan debt my parents have, and give them a far better and happier life. I wish to become a  college professor. To achieve this, I will work hard and tackle all problems that will come in my way.