Varun Gupta

Name: Varun Gupta

From: Andheri, Mumbai

Standard: 11th 

Favorite subject: Science 

Hobbies: cricket and reading books

Ladder Academy Track: coding

Career aspiration: engineer or navy officer

Personal story:

Hello. My name is Varun Badri Prasad Gupta. I am studying in 10th standard. The biggest problem in my life is Poverty. In our family, there are in total 5 members, my mother, father, younger brother, sister, and me. I am living in a slum in a rental chawl. My Mom and Dad both are  Diabetic patients, and Recently my Dad got injured from an accident and could not support our family. But even then, they are still working hard for Me. My only dream is to become a successful engineer or a navy officer.  And to achieve that, I need to study well and be a confident student.