Ladder Academy leverages technology, mentorship, content, and capital to help motivated students escape generational poverty. Ladder Academy’s methodology is inspired by Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, which highlights the multitude of needs human beings require to be fulfilled in order to reach their full potential. Ladder Academy’s initial goal is to help 100 children escape generational poverty and to expand to helping even more children from there.

Physiological Needs


Provide students’ families with monthly stipends to afford basic needs without working or begging.

Safety Needs


Equip students with technology and internet connectivity to learn online and access the internet’s knowledgebase.

Love and Belonging


Organize mentorship from United States peers to establish a community of learning between students.



Help students achieve mastery by creating education ‘tracks’ using online curriculums to supplement school lessons.



Reward the performance of students that put in the work and sacrifice needed to succeed in the short and long term.