Ayushka Acharya

Ayushka Acharya

Name: Ayushka Acharya

From: Andheri, Mumbai

Standard: 9th

Favourite subject: English

Hobbies: reading, listening to music etc

Ladder track: Typing and English

Career aspiration: Teacher

Personal story:

My name is Ayushka Acharya and I am in the 8th standard in Guru Tegh Bahadur Public High School. My family has recently faced a lot of financial issues due to COVID-19. My father is the only person who earns in our family of 10 members. He is a palmistry specialist (astrologer) and a self employed worker with no particular commitment of income. My mom is a housewife. Last year has been hard for us since my uncle passed in July 2020. Because of COVID, we could not attend his funeral and haven’t visited his home since then. The biggest problem is that my father is the only person who earns and no one else can apply for a job as no one has completed their HSC. I want to become a teacher to teach the children who are poor and couldn’t go to school due to different reasons.